How to RUN DEFENSE in Madden 21

In short, for most people, stopping a running game in Madden 20 is very difficult. For Madden 21, our goal is to achieve a more balanced pass/pass ratio, so we have made some improvements to the “running-in” and “defensive gap” systems, especially focusing on guards responsible for setting advantages and advantages. Run. To achieve this goal, Madden21coins have made some specific improvements:

The “guard” defender aligned along the steal line at the start of the game will use a wider angle at the start of the game to show more expectations and better chase predictions to set advantage against outside running.
When faced with fast-running external running games (such as jet sweeps and contact passes), Force Defenders will show more following angles at the start of the game, so they will be better positioned to set the advantage.

Hammer and Fill players are the defenders of the running game and are responsible for the void inside the Force players. Compared with the external running game, their initial following angle is larger, which will help them surpass the top of the formation faster and prevent them from being Block programs and other traffic trapped.

In many basic defensive formations, Force Defenders have wider formations, such as 3-4. More games within these basic formations will align the Force Force formation on the faceoff line rather than outside the ball.

Compared with the heavy/wing TE device, the border troops’ defense device will have wider gap integrity.

The new/improved blocking interaction with the guards disrupts the running route by pushing the blockers further into the backcourt when engaging all running types.

The defender can better predict the ball dribble’s movement by taking a smarter angle when/after a disconnect.

Call QB container: the through-hole machine in the container distribution will use the through-hole punching angle. These through-hole corners will give priority to putting QB in the bag and preventing its spread. Please note that the game includes steals by default, or you can manually assign the steals to the position containing the line by accessing the defense key menu.

Use QB spy: The only purpose of the defender in the spy mission is to prevent QB from competing for the correct code. Look for dramas that have defenders in defense missions by default, or use separate adjustments to manually change defenders’ missions to spies in melee combat.

Utilize the spy crash mechanism: If it is found that the spy defender can clearly reach QB during playback, the defender can cancel his spy mission and execute QB immediately. To use the spy crash mechanism, just click R-Stick when you want the spy defender to actively pursue QB.

Prioritize QB or RB in option competition: It is strongly recommended that you set up defensive measures to give priority to QB in option competition when encountering competitive QB. You can set QB as the option priority by setting the option defense to conservative in the coach adjustment menu, or selecting option QB from the defense button menu in the standoff.

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