How to throw Madden 21 Pass in PS4 and Xbox One

To perform a touch pass in Madden NFL 21, you must hold R2 on the Right Trigger of PlayStation 4/Xbox One before throwing the ball and pressing the pass button. Yes, the developers have changed the controls slightly. As far as I understand it, it used to be a button click. Well, no more now. Now, tapping will throw a high ball pass. That might mess up your entire game plan. Why don’t I tell them why they feel precise that they need to change things like this. But, well, there you go.

Now, this is not necessarily the end of the world. Contact passes are slow passes encountered on linebackers. In essence, it’s just a slower version of the lob, but it doesn’t even have a real lob height. The action does have a place in the game, but it can be said that it is useless in the first place. I have seen people call it the worst pass in the game. Anyway, if you need to do this, now you know how-R2/RT before pressing the button to pass.

High pass and low pass sound like it. You can throw the ball high or low based on the defender’s coverage or the receiver’s skill level. Assuming that you are at the goal line, your game range will have a height advantage. It would help if you threw a higher pass so that the defender cannot reach it. Low passes help avoid interceptions and make it difficult for defenders to function.

Madden21Coins Editor recommends that you go to Exhibition>Skills Trainer > Basic Attack > Passing Skills to enter the area. There, you will be able to practice touch passes and learn many other moves in all court positions.

Bullet Pass: To launch a bullet pass, you need to press and hold the icon that matches the recipient. For example, after batting the ball, press and hold the “circle” button on the PS4 controller or the “B” on the Xbox One controller to pass the bullet to the receiver. This is a fast pass, so your quarterback can quickly move the ball to the receiver.

Lob Pass: This pass will move the ball down the field and over the receiver’s head. I hope it will fall in front of the phone in due course. Therefore, time is everything. Madden recommends these on the “streaking” route or the “successor route.” When your receiver drives off the field (or toward the end destination of its way), tap the receiver’s button (for example, the “circle” on PS4) to throw a pass at them.

Touch pass: When the passer faces more in-depth coverage, it will make the ball go over anywhere under the defender’s head or just in front of the receiver. To throw a touch pass, press and release the receiver icon button to throw. (For example, the round button on PS4).

High pass: High pass allows your receiver to catch the ball and jump, hoping to remove the ball from any defender. These features are especially useful if your receiver has a certain height (such as the higher tight end in the NFL) or is quite agile. Aim the ball at your QB when pressing the receiver icon button (for example, circular), press and hold the L1 button for the high pass.

Low pass: A low pass makes it easier for the receiver to place the ball next to the ground and away from the defender. When pressing the receiver icon button, press and hold the L2 button for low pass.

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