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Madden NFL (known as John Madden Football until 1993) is an American football video game series developed by EA Tiburon for EA Sports. It is named after John Madden, coach and commentator of the Professional Football Hall of Fame, and has sold 130 million copies. It is currently the only officially licensed National Football League (NFL) video game, and it has influenced many sports players and coaches. The game’s features include detailed scripts and player statistics, as well as true NFL TV broadcast-style voice commentary. As of 2013, sales of this series of products have exceeded 4 billion US dollars.

Trip Hawkins, the founder of Electronic Arts (EA), conceived the series and collaborated with Madden in 1984 in recognition of his recognition and expertise. Because Madden insisted that the game should be as realistic as possible, the first version of John Madden Football did not appear until 1988. EA began to release the annual version in 1990, and the name of the series was renamed Madden NFL in 1993 after EA obtained the copyright. Use NFL teams and players. Madden retired as a broadcaster in 2009 but continues to play his name and provide expertise for the gaming franchise.