Diablo 4 Season 5 Aspects

Diablo 4 Season 5: New Legendary Aspects Guide

As Diablo 4 enters its fifth season, Blizzard enhances the player experience with new class-specific Legendary Aspects. These fresh additions promise to bring a new layer of strategy and excitement as players navigate through the challenges of the game. So in this guide, let’s take a look at all new legendary aspects in advance!

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Aspect of Creeping Death: You deal [5.0 – 20.0]%[x] increased damage over time to enemies for each different Crowd Control effect they’re afflicted by. Unstoppable enemies and Staggered Bosses take [10 – 40]%[x] increased damage over time from you instead.

Aspect of Inevitable Fate: When an enemy falls below 35% Life while afflicted with any of your damage over time effects, an explosion occurs every 7 seconds, dealing [300 – 525] damage for each element they’re afflicted by.

Aspect of Sly Steps: When you accumulate 50% of your Maximum Life lost, you automatically cast an equipped Defensive, Subterfuge or Macabre Skill before receiving damage. Can only occur once every [45 – 30] seconds and cannot cast Mobility Skills.

Aspect of the Dark Dance: Every 5 seconds, your next Core Skill costs [919 – 230] Life instead of Primary Resource. This will only occur if you have at least 60% of your Maximum Life. Skills that consume Life deal 80%[x] increased damage.

Aspect of the Prudent Heart: After being damaged for at least 20% of your Maximum Life at once, you become Immune for [2.5 – 4.0] seconds. Can only occur once every 20 seconds.

Sticker-thought Aspect: Gain [4,596 – 11,491] Thorns while Channeling and for 3 seconds afterward.

Wildbolt Aspect: Every [3.5 – 2.0] seconds, Distant enemies are Pulled Into you and take 10%[x] increased damage for 3 seconds.


Aspect of Anger Management: While above [55 – 40] Fury, you are Berserk, but lose 2 Fury per second.

Aspect of Forward Momentum: Knocking Back an enemy grants you [25 – 40]% Movement Speed for 3 seconds.

Aspect of the Fortress: For every 10% Life you are missing, gain [1.0 – 5.0]% Damage Reduction.

Executioner’s Aspect: Killing an enemy with an Overpower leaves behind an Earthquake at their location, dealing [300 – 602] Physical damage over 4 seconds. Can only occur once every 4 seconds.


Aspect of the Rushing Wilds: Casting a Companion Skill grants you [5.0 – 15.0]%[+] Movement Speed for 5 seconds, up to [15.0 – 45.0]%[+].

Moonrage Aspect: Kills have a 5% chance to summon a Wolf Companion to your side for [20 – 35] seconds. This effect is a Lucky Hit against bosses. Maximum 3 additional wolves. In addition, gain +3 Ranks to Wolves.

Rejuvenating Aspect: When falling below 20 Spirit, there is a [15 – 30]% chance to fully restore your Spirit.

Spirit Bond Aspect: [10.0 – 17.5]% of the damage you would take is redirected across your Companions. Your Companions cannot die.


Aspect of Creeping Mist: Gain [20.0 – 35.0]% Evade Cooldown Reduction. You can now Evade during Blood Mist, traveling twice as far. Entering or exiting Blood Mist resets your Evade Cooldown.

Aspect of the Cursed Aura: You automatically Curse enemies around you with Decrepify and Iron Maiden. Curses inflicted this way spread to surrounding targets every [2.5 – 0.2] seconds and last 4 seconds outside of the aura.

Aspect of the Great Feast: Your Minions deal [30 – 45]%[x] increased damage, but each one drains 1 Essence from you per second. If you have no active Minions, the damage increase applies to you instead, and you lose 7 Essence per second.

Aspect of the Unholy Tether: Casting Golem’s active Skill creates a bond between you for 6 seconds. While the bond is active, both of you are Unhindered and gain [25.0 – 40.0]% Movement Speed.

Imprisoned Spirit’s Aspect: When Bone Spirit explodes inside a Bone Prison, it explodes an additional time, dealing [40.0 – 70.0]% of normal damage. Bone Spirit now prioritizes enemies inside a Bone Prison.

Inexorable Reaper’s Aspect: Sever now dashes you forward to attack instead. It becomes a Mobility Skill and costs no Essence, but has a [22.0 – 7.0] second Cooldown.

Shademist Aspect: Your Minions deal 38 Shadow damage per second to enemies around them. The damage over time lasts for [2.0 – 5.0] seconds after leaving the aura.


Aspect of Iron Rain: Smoke Grenade has a [35 – 50]% chance to create an Arrow Storm where it explodes, dealing [120 – 300] Physical damage over 3 seconds. Your Arrow Storms continuously apply Vulnerable.

Aspect of Nebulous Brews: Using a Healing Potion grants [35 – 50]%[+] Movement Speed for 3 seconds. Every 30 meters you travel, you spawn a Healing Potion.

Aspect of True Sight: You deal [70 – 100]%[x] increased Critical Strike Damage to enemies marked by Inner Sight.

Breakneck Bandit’s Aspect: Flurry deals [15 – 30]%[x] increased damage and has a 20% chance to Stun enemies for 3 seconds with each hit.

Clandestine Aspect: Gain +[1 – 3] to Agility and Subterfuge Skills.

Coldclip Aspect: Your Basic Skills are always Cold Imbued. You deal [5 – 20]%[x] increased damage to enemies who are Chilled or Frozen.

Galvanized Slasher’s Aspect: Lucky Hit: Damaging an enemy with a Mobility Skill has up to a [15 – 30]% chance to fully restore your Energy. Your Maximum Energy is increased by [10 – 25].

Mired Sharpshooter’s Aspect: Caltrops is now a Marksman Skill that also throws [5 – 20] piercing daggers over its duration, each dealing 15 Shadow damage and applying Vulnerable for 3 seconds.


Aspect of Elemental Acuity: Casting a Pyromancy, Shock, or Frost Skill increases your Mana Regeneration by [10 – 20]%[x] for 5 seconds, once per element. At maximum stacks, the total bonus is increased to [60 – 120]%[x] for 10 seconds, but all stacks expire afterward.

Aspect of Tenuous Agility: Gain [5.0 – 15.0]%[+] Movement Speed. This bonus is doubled if you haven’t used a Defensive Skill in the last 8 seconds.

Aspect of the Firebird: Gain the Flame Shield Enchantment for free. When Flame Shield activates, Meteorites fall around you dealing [75 – 120] Fire damage.

Aspect of the Orange Herald: Lucky Hit: Up to a [5.0 – 10.0]% chance to reduce the Cooldown of your Ultimate Skill by 2 seconds. Can only happen once per Skill cast.

Firestarter Aspect: When newly Burning an enemy, you deal an additional [112 – 225] Fire damage to them. This effect is treated as a Pyromancy Skill.

Jolting Aspect: Every [3.0 – 1.0] seconds, you zap a nearby enemy for 225 Lightning damage. This effect is treated as a Shock Skill.

Lightning Rod Aspect: Chain Lightning has a [20 – 35]% chance to chain an additional time when hitting Bosses or Crowd Controlled enemies and prefers them as targets.

Winter Touch Aspect: When you Freeze an enemy, you deal [225 – 450] Cold damage to them. This effect is treated as a Frost Skill.

The introduction of these new Legendary Aspects in Diablo 4’s Season 5 not only enhances each character class but also opens up a host of strategic possibilities for players.

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