How does the Madden 21 Defense Bring Huge Advantages?

The excellent defense can give you a massive advantage of Madden 21. In the following detailed introduction, Madden21Coins (Buy and Sell Madden 21 Coins) will study in detail what to look for when determining the opponent’s coverage before and after the snapshot.

We can also look at some screenshots of different non-basic alignment defenses.

We will start with the Cover 2 Zone.

This is the appearance of the default cover for the two areas. Pay attention to the position of the horns. It is about 5 yards from the faceoff line and lines up slightly outside the external receiver.

Now, look at how they are arranged in Cover 2 Man. Press them on top of the wide receiver and align them slightly.

We can see that the horns are about 8 yards from our external wide receiver and are directly aligned with them in the cover three areas.

We will also study how safety rotates with one safety in the middle of the scene.

Besides, please check where the other safety measures are at the checkmark above his head. This is important to distinguish between cover one and cover 3.

In Cover 1’s air defense system, the outer corner guards are still arranged about 8 yards from the wide receiver, and there is a deep safety zone in the middle of the field.

Now, notice how the other safety device with a checkmark above the head is a little closer to the slot receiver.

Finally, the four fortifications of the woven cover, the two cornerbacks, are about 8 yards from the receiver, and there are two safety devices.

The important thing to distinguish is whether your opponents are two people undercover or cover two areas with news coverage.

It may look the same at first glance, but there is a slight difference that can help you.

The screenshot above shows the two defending. Note how the cornerback is aligned inside the wide receiver.

Compare it with the next screenshot.

This is how the cover 2 area looks like it has been pressed. Note how the cornerback is aligned on the outside of the wide receiver.

A high-level opponent will cover the outside with the appearance of protecting two people from trying to imitate the cover two areas’ face. Still, the horns will first line up on the inside and then move to the outside if he does, which is easier said than done.

If your opponent uses basic alignment, it’s hard to tell, but the video at the top of the page will introduce some things to look for.

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