How to use Madden 21 Superstar X-Factor and Superstars

Superstar X-Factor players and standard Superstars demonstrate the importance of player ratings. EA selected 50 elite players and awarded them the nickname “Superstar X Factor”. Superstar X-Factor players have inherent abilities, and an X-Factor privilege can be unlocked by meeting certain conditions. For example, Tom Brady gains “professional reading” ability by completing two consecutive passes of more than five yards. This is not a challenging feat, and once obtained, the first public recipient will be highlighted. Being fired, Brady will lose his allowance.
Each X-factor player has three to six functions in total. However, only QB has more than three. All other positions on offense and defense can only have a maximum of 3.

Quarterback X Factor Ability
Pro Reads highlights the first open receiver in the pocket.

Tom Brady
Drew Blaise
The bazooka increases the player’s maximum throw distance by 15 yards, up to 80 yards.

Patrick Mahoms
Gambler players cannot be intercepted by AI defenders. This is the ideal choice for the franchise model.

Aaron Rogers
It is believed that this new X-factor feature means that the player will not fall apart when attacked.

Lamar Jackson
“Blitzkrieg Radar” focuses on all the commandos except the defensive lineman.

Russell Wilson
Run back X factor ability
“One time free” can increase the rate of match-fixing in the next self-driving, spin or hurdle match.

Sakun Buckley
Dalvin Cook
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Freight trains increase the chances of breaking the next tackle.

Ezekiel Elliott
Derek Henry
Destroying the ball allows the player to achieve a high success rate on the next three trucks or hard arms.

Nick Chubb
The ankle piercing improves the spin, roll and hurdle fake rate after catching the ball.

Christian McCaffrey
Wide receiver and tight X-factor function
Double Me means that these players will gain an offensive advantage within a single coverage area.

Travis Kelce
Mike Evans
DeAndre Hopkins
Julio Jones
Davante Adams
Adam Thielen
RAC’Em Up means that these players win a RAC catch in a match.

Stephen Diggs
Tyreke Mountain

Maximum safety means that these players have a high success rate of possession.

Keenan Allen
Amari Cooper
Michael Thomas
YAC’Em Up increases the chance of a tackle after breaking the first catch.

George Kittle
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Defensive X element ability
Unstoppable power improves the winning percentage and speed of one-on-one passes.

Khalil Mac
Miles Garrett
Joey Bosa
DeMarcus Lawrence
Cameron Jordan
TJ Watt
Danielle Hunter
Even if the X-factor player is used in conjunction with a blocker, Fearmonger will exert tremendous pressure on QB.

Fletcher Cox
Chandler Jones
Von Miller
Relentlessly give players a free first rush attempt.

Nick Bosa
JJ Watt
Strengthening has a greater chance of defeating base runs and destroying catches.

Devin James
Harrison Smith

The avalanche ensures that the downhill striker is launched.

Bobby Wagner
Jamal Adams
Assault means that the player eliminates the opposing blocker resistance bar.

Aaron Donald
Compared with one-to-one running blocks, Run Stuffer can increase the winning rate and the block falling speed.

Calais Campbell
Momentum conversion knocks all opponents on the field out of the area and loses any progress to the area.

Chris Jones
Shutdown can provide wider coverage and more frequent interception of controversial catches.

Tre’Davious White
Tyrann Mathieu
Richard Sherman
Jay Alexander
Stephen Gilmore

The regional eagle means more interceptions within the area coverage.

Devin McCourty
The bottleneck means that it is mainly to win the efforts of the press.

Jalen Ramsey
Unassigned X factor function
Hi-Lo Deadeye threw all the high and low passes perfectly.

Run N Gun has accurate performance when throwing the ball.

Almost all brick wall passers are guaranteed to break the first sack steal of any unexpected defender.

Omaha passers-by had a good understanding of the defensive coverage of the middle school before the raid.

Regardless of coverage, Moss players can greatly improve their success rate on aggressive catches of more than 55 yards.

The wreckage ball guard increased the success rate on the next three trucks or stiff arms.

After grabbing the hook, the Grab And Smash receiver have an increased chance of success when it tries to use its stiff arms and truck.

Vanguard blockers are almost guaranteed to be the main blocker victory.

Selfless players also allow all teammates on the field to enter the area.

The Global Insurance defenders can almost guarantee the knockout.

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