Madden 21 Tips For X-Factors, Abilities, and Zone Abilities

This page will provide you with all the information about the X-factor, abilities, and regional abilities in Madden NFL 21! These are the new systems of the Madden NFL team, making full use of them will help you customize the team and maximize their performance to achieve sustained victories!

About 80 players are called “superstars” in the game. These abilities are passive and always exist. Most players have no abilities, some have only one, while others may have multiple. In the screenshot below, we see Baker Mayfield is one of the superstars. He has two abilities: “last blow” (to pass the ball better when dismissed) and “roaming blind eye” (passing accuracy is extremely high when performing a pass from outside the pocket).

Please note that in the case of Mayfield, Roading Deadeye’s promotion is related to the receiver, not the game situation. Just because Mayfield made a “perfectly accurate” pass, it doesn’t mean it can’t be deflected or intercepted. This simply means that as long as he is not fired or under pressure in other ways, it will be passed on to the target. Depending on the goal, even a very accurate pass may still be dropped.

The X factor is assigned to 50 players called X factor players in the game. The X factor is like passive, but it does not always exist. If the player has an X factor, then they only have one. Below, we see Drew Brees (Drew Brees), in addition to having four abilities, he also has the Fearless X factor. Fearlessness allows him to accurately roll every pass without being affected by defensive pressure.

When the game starts, the X factor will be turned off; the player needs to perform certain actions in the game. When they perform these operations, they will begin to enter the “zone”. All X-factor players will have an X under their feet on the field. When they fully enter the area, the X will start to flash and flash to indicate that it is turned on. If the conditions are met, it can be opened and closed unlimitedly during the game.

The indicator showing the battery level of your X-factor player is subtle. It is only displayed during the playback screen, you may miss it when you choose to play. In the screenshot below, the Cincinnati Bengals are the active team. Look for the big red circle in the lower right corner. The interface shows that both QB and HB are X-factor players, and neither has reached the goal of activating their X-factor.

Please note that the status of the opponent players will not be shown to you on the play phone screen. In the game shown above, the Baltimore Ravens have free Earl Thomas III, who is also an X-factor player. However, because the game is a single player, although Thomas is active on the field, his X-factor status is not displayed.

The opposition X-factor player is briefly shown in the pre-shot coaching video. After selecting a game, whether you are in an offensive or defensive state, before the quick capture, press and hold R2/RT to call up the coach cam. You will see your X-factor player on the left or right side of the screen, and your opponent’s X-factor player on the other side.

When the coach cam is on, you can also tilt the right joystick up or down to see the exact location of all X-factor players. Please note that when you perform all operations, the game clock will continue to ticking, so if you are attacking, you need to make a decision quickly so that you won’t delay the game.

On the main menu and on the player card in the franchise, you can check the conditions required to switch the X factor. Continuing with the example of Drew Brees, please note the following, he must fly at least 5 yards in a row. After completing enough consecutive passes, his X factor will activate. However, the X factor will be closed when he unwraps the sacks.

Note that if you play the “franchise face” or “play the player” in the standard franchise document, your character will always have an X factor. You can change it freely between games, and you can unlock more positions when you reach 85 OVR in each prototype. Either way, you can view its function before selecting a given ability or X factor.

If you play standard franchise files in “Become a Coach” or “Become a Master” mode, most players will not develop abilities or X-factors. Players who already own them cannot change them.

From the main menu seen above, you can view the standard abilities of all X factors and all players in the league. Go to the “Settings” tile (with small gears) and select “View Superstar X-Factors”. In the franchise file, it is not possible to quickly view the entire league like this, so you need to find their player cards.

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