What Ability improvement In Madden 21

In Madden 20, Madden21Coins introduced the Superstar X coefficient function into the game. Although these abilities have brought a lot of excitement and different strategies to the game, we also realized that some of our capabilities were somewhat unbalanced when we first tried to add this game environment. These are some of the most critical changes we have made to the existing Superstar X coefficient functionWideoad receiver route ability balance. A wide receiver has many skills that allow them to get bonuses on specific route types. Although these features are powerful, they are challenging to use because they require detailed knowledge of your team’s script or particular hot routes, which may not always be available. In Madden 21, Madden21 have redesigned these features so that when the receiver receives the ball in a specific area of ​​the court, they can get a bonus regardless of the route they take. This allowed them to achieve their original goal of creating a receiver that was good at racing on specific route types while making them easier to use.

Defenders’ defense ability balance-On the other hand, in Madden 20, we have the opposite problem with the screen defense ability, such as “Man Up,” “Zoned Out,” and “Universal Coverage” are essentially one-stop service. It’s too easy to provoke one of these abilities on the defender and then “set it and forget it.” In the end, we don’t like how easy it is to build a defensive power with very little investment in capabilities. As a solution, we divide these functions into multiple versions to award them in specific areas to reflect the new recipient capabilities. Now, the screeners will need to specifically defend the field, rather than cover the entire turret. Besides, the “general insurance coverage” has been converted to the X element function,

Pass ability balance-Madden 20’s passability is quite polarized. They allow you to make some impressive dramas and toss the receiver open in the best case, but they can usually result in the throwing of unreachable untraceable passes. In Madden 21, Madden21 removed the method of increasing the lead distance of these skills and instead used a combination of the precision passing mechanism on the left-hand stick and bullet passing while increasing the ball’s speed. This new advantage significantly reduces the defender’s ability to play the ball when it is correctly read and should prove a powerful privilege for the passer.

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