What’s going to happen to Madden NFL 21 X-Factor

The Madden 21 Superstar X-factor function is designed to reflect the real skills and characteristics of these athletes in the real NFL. They enable players to strategically earn and reproduce the moment when our favorite NFL superstar enters the “zone”, and it is difficult to stop the moment that we see every Sunday.

These Superstar X-Factor functions continue to grow and develop in Madden NFL 21. We would like to take a moment to share some of the improved design concepts we have made in this field and share some of our processes.

Madden21Coins will also share all the new X-factor and Superstar features of Madden NFL 21. The improvements you will experience in Madden NFL 21 soon include adding, rebalancing, and clearing. Let us introduce these topics in more detail.

If there is no way for the boys on the O-Line to counterattack, we will not be able to bring a lot of new charge capabilities to the defender. Offensive linemen will see many new abilities designed to withstand relentless attacks on new passing sprint mechanisms and abilities. These range from stopping the bull from running to clearing the perfect screen passing path.

Endurance and fatigue
This is an area where we are always looking for improvement, and one way we do this is by introducing features that utilize existing endurance and fatigue systems. In “Madden NFL 21”, you will see some skills that can help you recover in the game like the new Energizer feature.
With this skill, you can replenish all your exhausted stamina after successfully completing the skill move, and hope that you can continue to break through until the end area.
On the other side of the coin, you will also see some defensive abilities that will punish the fatigue of the target, such as the new bench press ability. This has led to successful personnel coverage press attempts to exhaust the receivers, reduce their performance and bring them closer to a temporary sitting.

New X factor
Although not newbies, we feel that we have not provided enough variety for the X-element features introduced by Madden NFL 20. Although we managed to add some new X-factor features in the title update, we decided to increase the bet on Madden NFL 21 by adding more options to take advantage of your next opportunity to enter The Zone.

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