Madden NFL 21 Design line for motion simulation is colorful, bright, and hopefully modern

EA Sports’ current design lines for sports simulation are colorful, bright, and hope to appear modern. It runs through UFC 4, Madden NFL 21, and may also be used in FIFA 21 and NHL 21. In an American football simulation, the appearance of overlays and menus is not one of many issues. “Madden NFL 21” is a colorful combination of new ideas and old weaknesses. Graphically speaking, the game can take a step back. As far as the new generation of consoles is concerned, this may also stem from a certain strategy. Therefore, moving to a new level will be even more impressive. Given the excellent “Journey,” the story mode is disappointing. In addition, the almost unchanged gameplay gives the impression that it is an updated version of Madden 20 with a new jersey and rust-proof clothing.

The main menu’s stability and the jerseys and all the company’s selection windows are gratifying-unlike in previous years. There is no longer a lag that can cause time waste, and frustration. Instead, the game mode is displayed compactly on one page and can be selected immediately after starting the game.
Overlay and display also work properly in the game, with almost no loading time on the “old” Playstation 4. It is surprising if there is not a very obvious explanation.

From the appearance, “Madden NFL 21” is a big step backward. The model of the player has hardly changed, but the environment has been affected. The stadium, spectators, tracking shots, and some small details are reminiscent of the previous generation’s transition to the current console. Except for the players and coaches showed schematically, there is no movement in the arena.
Simultaneously, the appearance of limbs is low, but it is still a common frequency in opposing bodies, so the hitbox is faked. The readability of movement and data within the operating position has become better. The color assigned to the receiver has been changed from yellow to white, making the overview worse.

Mechanics and gameplay
In fact, compared with last year, the gameplay has not changed. The animations for tackles, evasion movements, etc. are the same. Overall, the game feels smoother. In “Madden 19” and “Madden 20”, offline endings are significantly more than online (lagging).
The new is cheers, which can also be done after sacks or after successful passage. But this is just ahead.
Daily challenges that apply to all game modes are more useful. Get three touchdowns to get the currency of cosmetics that can be worn on your player. Most of these challenges can be completed on their own in just a few games without much extra effort.

Story mode
Your own player? You can create your own alter ego from the beginning, which applies to all patterns designed for it. I’m really ready in the main menu.
The customization options are reasonable, but the possible appearance is not particularly modern. This is especially evident in Madden NFL 21’s “Face of Franchise” story mode. The facial expressions look strange, and they always move between very shocked and completely emotional. Other characters seem to be “better,” but they are far from the quality of FIFA animations or the branch animations of NBA 2K.
EA itself has destroyed the underlying story. In fact, everything is embarrassing and invites you to be ashamed of others. In addition, high school players look like they are in their 20s or even older. After completing the story sequence, the first batch of games will begin. These are too easy in terms of offense, but with the first basic knowledge in a tutorial.
This is the opinion of many fans of the series, who vented their dissatisfaction with Metacritic’s review site. Metascore is 69, and the user score is 0.5 points, the lowest in history. Criticism is bad AI, mistakes, and stories. The hashtag #NFLdropEA has now established its own name on Twitter, and various errors in the form of clips and screenshots will be collected under the title.
In addition to requesting the revocation of EA’s license, many people also place hopes on the publisher 2K, which now once again owns the rights of the NFL. However, he would rather use these possibilities for arcade-based games.

Madden Ultimate Team
Madden also has FIFA’s ultimate team mode, which is well known to FIFA. Compared with the previous year, this has hardly changed. It provides an opportunity to make coins and cards with fewer challenges and rely on a system composed of several different currencies.
Coupled with the huge lineup that a football team must maintain, the gestures are unstoppable, and it takes a certain amount of time or a certain financial will to become competitive. The price ratio corresponds to the price ratio of the football simulation FIFA.
Regular visitors of previous championships can be rewarded, thus gaining a small amount of

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