How to play the face of the franchise in Madden 21?

The Madden 21 franchise model remains almost unchanged. For hardcore and dedicated Madden players, you will be disappointed to learn that EA has once again generally ignored the franchise model. This mode does not have any meaningful additional features, which aroused players who called for EA to focus more on the franchise model and less on the Ultimate Team. Superstar KO may not be the most popular mode for hardcore players. It seems to be relatively unchanged in Madden 21, but this is an exciting change from the franchise model’s purely analog aspect. A few years ago, when I first heard that EA would re-implement a single-player RPG-style game mode, the first thing I said to myself was, “Did they take so long?” The fact is that for many years the NBA MLB The Show in 2K and beyond has successfully created a single-player story mode and added a lot of RPG elements to it. The story of 2K is more important than The Show, but the point is to provide hours of content. Madden developed slowly from Longshot and “Franchise Face: QB1”. I would say that these are not what many people hope for. Longshot is more or less a story. It was a good first attempt, but the second year was worse overall. QB1 was vital for me at first but then quickly disappeared. However, for EZMUT, the hope is to lay the foundation for Madden’s future. So, how about this year’s The Face of the Franchise?

If you have played Madden in the past two years, you will be very familiar with how Madden Face works in Madden 21. This is a scripted story mode that allows you to start from the college team’s reserve level and climb to the NFL star. In Franchise, you will make decisions when players create characters and make decisions in NFL games. It is up to you to decide to give you the most excellent chance of being selected into the NFL team. This is the ultimate goal of the entire “franchise model.” I think we can all agree that when the game is more competitive, the coaches’ role in the NFL playoffs is much more significant, resulting in much less profit. A team may overcome the coaching mistakes (or two mistakes) of the teams that will be selected in the top five in a few months, but it can’t fight the better teams in the league.

Madden NFL 21 Classic Franchise Updates
The new X Factor enters the franchise. More detailed information on the X factor in Madden NFL 21 will be released soon!
The franchise expands the number of Wild Card Playoff rounds to match the real-life NFL, which now offers three games per meeting instead of 2.
The updated rookie contract amount will more genuinely reflect the authenticity of all 7-round rookie contracts.
Re-adjust the available capabilities in each position to consider better the effectiveness of the game’s ability and the authenticity of the prototype. Also made a second ability to unlock 85 OVR for most locations.
Fixed multiple situations in the player logic considering upgrading Dev Trait at the end of the season, not checking the correct stat type.
Update the philosophy of all team back-end depth maps to match the team’s plan.
Added position-specific offensive Lineman prototype progress buckets for OT, OG, and C to capture differences in the OVR formula based on position expectations. Previously, all OLs were drawn from the same progress bucket.
Fixed an issue where the defensive gamebook and plan of the fictional coach might be misplaced

Is there any way to adjust the roster on Faces of Franchise?
This is a process. You cannot use it as the main character of QB1-you can only edit your own equipment/appearance/creatures, and you can only view your teammates, but not control or edit them.
However, you can create another role as a coach in the same file, but the coach must be in another team. Then you can use that coach to edit the players of other teams from there-your QB1 team’s CPU coach will be ranked first on the depth map, so lower other players or increase the ranking of the players you want, Switch the position of other players to his previous position on the depth map.
Save these changes, check the team’s depth map for the coach, and then you will see the player you want in that position. Then go back and reset the other players to their previous positions, and you have successfully changed the depth map.
You can also use the coach role to trade these guys to remove them from your team. Unfortunately, you can’t be the coach of the team where QB1 belongs, and your QB1 name is on the same team, which is painful, but there are still many ways.
If you want to import and edit draft courses, you need another role as a guide. You must make that coach role the boss of the league. Doing so will allow you to edit classes and import new classes.
After completion, reset the coach to autopilot and let the QB1 role alliance owner again, and you can proceed as usual. Don’t leave the coach to become the league boss. Otherwise, when you load the saved content, the game will first annoyingly default to this character. I also recommend using only CPU shooting in league settings so that your user coach will not be eliminated during the offseason, but choosing a new coach is not important.

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