Diablo 4 Guides: Necromancer The Blood Surge Leveling

This guide will focus on a beginner-friendly Necromancer build that utilizes blood skills such as Blood Surge and Hemorrhage to help players navigate World Tiers 1 and 2. This build is a burst DPS build that thrives on bathing in the blood of enemies, stealing their health, and causing them to explode.

Build Core
The general strategy for this build is to start off by attacking enemies with Bone Spear and then alternating with Blood Surge. This combination is the best when it comes to dealing with massive single-target, and AoE burst damage. With Blood Surge, you’ll be able to deal huge explosion damage and drain the target’s blood to increase your health. This saves you a lot of Diablo 4 Gold for potions; this consistent healing keeps you alive in combat, regardless of the type of foes you face.

Next, you’ll activate Hemorrhage to reduce the damage you take, generate a decent amount of essence, and form blood orbs to restore HP. For Elites and bosses, you’ll be triggering Bloodwave, your ultimate skill, to deal decent burst damage. You’ll also be relying on your skeletons to generate enough Essence and help deal considerable damage.

Build Core Skills
Bone Spear
Bone Spear is a very useful core skill due to the huge amount of damage it deals against multiple enemies. Investing all five points into Bone Spear for this build is recommended. Once you can, you’ll want to upgrade this to the Supernatural Bone Spear Morph, which lets you apply vulnerability against the first enemy you hit with Bone Spear. This is especially effective against bosses and Elites as you make them vulnerable, which amplifies the damage you and your minions deal by at least 20 percent. Some special Diablo 4 Items can also increase the chance of being Vulnerable.

Blood Surge
Blood Surge is an amazing offensive and defensive core skill. It allows you to steal the life of enemies while dealing explosive AoE blood Nova damage. The more blood you drain, the greater damage you’ll inflict. You want to invest in Enhanced Blood Surge and Paranormal Blood Surge for upgrades. Enhanced Blood Surge converts the blood you’ve stolen to heal a portion of your maximum life. Paranormal Blood Surge allows you to gain at most five stacks of overwhelming blood as long as enemies are damaged by Blood Surge while you’re healthy or above 80 percent.

Hemorrhage generates the highest Essence among the basic skills of The Necromancer, in addition to dealing some damage and potentially forming a blood orb. These are then used to restore your health with Enhanced Hemorrhage. The first upgrade you want to invest in is Initiate’s Hemorrhage, which grants fortify when you attack an enemy, so you take lower damage.

Bloodwave is the ultimate skill you will use against bosses and Elites. It not only lets you deal huge burst damage in the form of a wave but it also pushes targets back away from you. You want to make sure that you unlock the Prime Blood Wave for now until it slows down enemies.

As early as level 15, The Necromancer will gain access to the Book of the Dead, which will allow them to raise different types of minions. You’ll be using skeletal Warriors and skeletal Mages because they’re going to be more effective in the long run than just the golem.

Bonuses you want to be on the lookout for are intelligence for extra skill damage, core skill damage plus one rank to Bone Spear or plus two ranks and plus ranks to Blood Surge, and damage to close enemies.

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