How to Get Better MUT 21 players

Now that your Madden 21 Coins base is better, it’s time to make the most of it. Ultimately, the goal is to build the best MUT 21 team, and only recruiting players can do this. You can use the following different methods to attract these players and build your own lineup.

Buy from the auction house
All the NFL 21 coins you make in the auction house may be dumped back into the auction house. If you are looking for a specific player, this is the best place to go.

The cheapest are bronze, silver, and even gold players. Gold players should be the first task for a good team to enter the field, especially if you plan to compete with other players. You will pay a considerable sum of money for this group of elites. Just know that the better the player, the more Madden NFL Coins you will spend. For example, unless you are willing to share most of the wealth, you will not get Aaron Rodgers (90 points).

Make money from challenge rewards
Next, deal with those challenges. These quick challenges will allow you to win some players in the process and become the preferred coin making method we mentioned earlier. Generally, completing the entire solo list will make you an Elite non-auctionable player.

Taking “Madden 21” as an example, let’s first look at Campaign solo. Along the way, you will get a bunch of gold and silver players, and in the end, you will have two 87 OVR cards (each for offense and defense) to help your team move forward.

Next, perform the “Diamond Solo” challenge to obtain multiple player fantasy packs. These packs allow you to choose one of five players to join the team, and all of these players will at least win gold medals. It is very likely that some of these elites will also appear. In the end, you will get an Elite fantasy pack, which can guarantee you to select an Elite player from any selected team.

Next, you should perform “Rookie Gloves”. These solo games are tricky, but they provide the greatest rewards for coins and player cards. Finally, once you reach level 30, you have to complete a lot of Journey solos, which will be your largest source of coins in the early days. Upon completion, you will get 89 OVR Carson Wentz player cards.

There is also a list of other single player challenges that provide you with different types of rewards, such as training (new currency for upgrading Power-Up players), legends or new uniforms. Do these as appropriate and monitor the weekly solo so that you can complete them before cycling. EA regularly releases new solo challenges throughout the year, so don’t be afraid to complete all these challenges as soon as possible. This is a gift that is constantly given.

Find them in the player pack
Although we don’t recommend packs as a beginner’s choice, it is worth mentioning just for completeness. You can buy player packs of different qualities. Some people can only guarantee one gold medal player and a bunch of silver medal players, and any elite player among them has a chance. There are also packages that guarantee elite players and other items.

You can buy many packages with coins, but from an economic point of view, this route is usually not reasonable. On the contrary, if you want to rip open the player bag, then the best way is to pay. Yes, real cold cash. Once again, unless you absolutely cannot cope with the challenge of heads-up, we do not recommend it to any novice.

Power up the player
We have to shout specifically to the Power-Up player card in the Ultimate Team of Madden 19. These players are deceptive because they first appeared with 68 OVR silver medals, but you can use training points to upgrade them. This provides you with a relatively cheap option to buy players who can become powerful over time.

If you inject enough training points into them, some players can get up to 88 or 89 OVR. This is a huge investment, but if you don’t have a lucky draw, then this may be one of the easiest ways to attract serious teams.

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