How to Lead your Madden 21 Offensive Receivers

When throwing the Madden 21 ball, use the pass modifier to place the ball within the reach of the defender. Pushing the left analog stick in any given direction will allow you to place the ball where only your players can play.

For example, if your catcher sprints to the right of the touchline and the defender walks a few steps behind him, push the analog stick on the left to the right to throw the ball toward the receiving touchline. If the defender had a good chance to hit the ball, the receiver can try to catch the ball and avoid the embarrassment of losing the ball. You can also hold down L1 to roll the high position, and then hold down L2 and the card will go high soon. To modify the pass to a lobby, you can quickly click on the recipient’s icon or hold it down as a bullet. The former is used when someone opens it deeply, while the latter is useful for shorter throws and tighter windows.

These mechanisms are essential for deadly passing attacks. However, please use these tools carefully, and the accuracy of quarterbacks is low, because the ball sometimes sails in very unexpected and uninteresting ways.

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