How to Touch Pass in Madden NFL 21

The most significant change in the way the game is played in the Madden NFL 21 midfield is that players can perform many new passing quick moves to fold the opposing quarterback’s pockets and chaos. Here Madden21Coins share How to Touch Pass in Madden NFL 21 for you!

To perform a touch pass in Madden NFL 21, you must press and hold the R2/Right trigger on PlayStation 4 and the “Right trigger” on Xbox One before throwing the ball and pressing the “Pass” button. Yes, the developer has made some changes to the control. As far as I know, it used to be a button click. Well, no more now. Now, clicking will trigger a high ball pass. This may mess up your entire game plan. Why don’t I tell them why they feel they need to change things like this. But, well, there you go.

Now, this is not necessarily the end of the world. The contact pass is the slow pass you encounter when using line guards. Essentially, it’s just a slower version of the lob, except that it doesn’t even have a real lob height. The action does have a place in the game, but it can be said that it was not very useful at first. I have seen people call it the worst pass in the game. Anyway, now you already know how-R2/RT before pressing the button to pass if you need to do this.

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